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Bioshock Infinite

I finished Bioshock Infinite for the third time tonight, and I continue to fall in love with it over and over again. The gameplay was smooth, even for friends that do not dabble in FPS too often. Environments explored in the game were not only aesthetically stunning, but proved to be fun to explore and utilize in fights. The plot of Infinite was what plucked at my heartstrings as a wonderful work of a creative and considerate tale, crafted from history too soon forgotten and power placed in deserving hands (women were in control: Rosalind, Elizabeth, Daisy, rebellion was not by slave masters but those enslaved). Symbolically, the game surpasses its predecessors and competition alike. Bioshock Infinite may even replace OOT as my favorite game of all time, but the DLC will be the make or break of that!


Domino To Appear In Deadpool Video Game

Like Deadpool comics? Anticipating the upcoming Deadpool game developed by High Moon Studios, who worked on Transformers: Fall of Cybertron? Do you remember Domino, who appeared occasionally in the comics, often chastising and opposing Deadpool? Well, he wanted you to know she’ll be appearing in his game, because he said it himself at New York Comic-Con.

Domino is best known as a mercenary and X-Force marksman with some probability-altering superpowers. Her role in the Deadpool game was not specified by Deadpool or Daniel Way, a writer for Deadpool comics and an author for the game as well. Deadpool’s game is still scheduled for a 2013 appearance.


Thanks very much to our brand new followers! We have lots of big things planned here at Jatech and we’re really happy that you guys are here being a part of it. 

Here are some of the things we’ve got coming up!

- weekly drunk game reviews (as inspired by thedrunkenmoogle who we follow and you should too because it’s an amazing blog).

- more game reviews, of course (of Uncharted 2 and Borderlands 2, just to name a few).

- also, we continue to be on the look out for the best news in gaming. We don’t want to replace Kotaku or IGN (lol IGN), but we do have things to say about specific news.

- anything you guys submit, of course!

Thanks for joining us here, please feel free to submit anything you want. We want this to be a community with you involved in the game-related things that are posted here - we want your opinions!

Love as always,

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Uncharted 2: Nolan North’s Revenge

Reviewed on PS3 (Obvs. It’s a PS3 exclusive)


Unchartered Accountants 2: Among Thieves is a game in which you play a freelance chartered accountant investigating the accounts of several known track-covering thieves to find the incriminating evidence in their bank details and accounts. Undercover and behind enemy lines, Nathan Drake must uncover the truth and put the thieves behind bars.

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It seems like lots of you have things to say about Magic; The Gathering! 

If you haven’t already, check out Gary Buckman’s article on MTG here.

Tell us what you think of it. Love it? Hate it? Why/why not?

Also, if you have an opinion on it, feel free to write it down and submit it to us here so that we can post it for everyone to see! Also, the comments section has been getting lots of attention, so thank you very much for that. :)


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